Every strong king needs a refresh in the New Year. Enter New Years Shiba, the true King of all Shiba runners!
Bend your knee and get rich with contemplation as New Years Shiba rules his kingdom with fair taxes and justice by an honest team.

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Image by XK Kong



  • Website NYS Launch 

  • Launching Telegram

  • Phase 1 Marketing

  • Burning 50% of total supply

  • BscScan Social Update

  • CG + CMC Application



  • DAO Voting for Holders

  • Phase 3 Marketing

  • NFT Whitelist for Pre-Sale Holders

  • NFT Release (Immutable X)

  • CoinGecko Listing

  • CoinMarket Cap Listing



  • Pankcakeswap Listing

  • EverOwn Listing

  • Coinsniper Listing

  • Coinvote Listing

  • Coinhunters Listing

  • Phase 2 Marketing

  • NFT Plan Reveal

  • CEX Listing Tier 1

  • Certik Audit



  • Beta Metaverse Platform 

  • Phase 4 Marketing

  • CEX Listing Tier 2

  • New Collaborations

  • Launchpad for NFT

  • Merchandise With Your Own NFT

  • Hold & Enjoy New Year's Path

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After the king took over the kingdom of meme coins, everything seemed to be going perfectly in his life, but after a while he felt an emptiness inside.


He discovered that in the New Year, he needed a new version of himself to be more motivated through life. This is the rise of New Years Shiba!


New Years Shiba came to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to provide a safe space for the community. By running its own kingdom with equal values and taxes, New Years Shiba aims to maximise profits for all its citizens.

Smart Contract: